Crypto is volatile

Crypto is here to stay

Manage your risk with QIS


An integrated platform for risk management of digital assets that gives market participants a complete picture of their crypto allocation.


Better informed investment decisions through quantitative volatility management

Reduce volatility and mitigate drawdowns

Identify common risk exposures early

Manage directional risk without compromising bottom-up diversification


A complete report suite

• Market risk and tracking error metrics

• Liquidity risk monitoring

• Historical and parametric Value-at-Risk

• Crypto-specific stress testing capabilities

Meet the highest standards of risk control and compliance.

Ready to use risk model

Quantifies diversification, exposure and directional risk

Thematic breakdown of realized returns and exposure

Token-level volatility forecasts to meet trading needs

Validated risk factor basket returns and holdings

A reliable quantitative lens to understand crypto volatility.

Fully integrated

Automatic position and margin feeds across exchanges and custodians

Instant sub-fund tracking and position aggregation

Historical report archive to meet compliance needs

Powerful API for programmatic access to all risk content

The complete enterprise-wide solution for managing financial risk in digital assets.